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Birdwatching in the North of Burgos Province

Birdwatching is becoming more popular in Spain, and visitors now come from other parts of Europe to watch beautiful and fascinating species in often dramatic natural settings.  This growing national and international interest has made Spain more aware of its ornithological riches and supports the efforts now being made to protect and conserve Spanish birds.

Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest variety of birds, both resident and migratory, including species which migrate south to winter in Africa, to northern Europe for the summer, or indeed which make their migratory journeys within Iberia.  It is ideal territory for the enthusiastic birder, but equally for people who simply appreciate nature in all its variety.

This section of the site aims to help you enjoy birdwatching in the comarcas (local administrative areas) of Las Merindades and Sedano y Las Loras, in the north of Burgos province.  These two comarcas offer outstanding landscapes in which to enjoy nature, and a tremendous variety of birdlife.

Burgos itself has a wide variety of different ecosystems, and contains landscapes with both Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, meaning that birds from northern and southern Spain can be seen in the province.               

In the north of Burgos there are large wooded areas, mainly of oak and beech, high mountains and foothills, high-altitude plateaux and fertile farmland, each offering a habitat ideal for a variety of birds.  Through this landscape runs one of the greatest rivers of Spain, the Ebro, which rises only some 50km from the northern coast and runs all the way to the Mediterranean: near its source is the Embalse del Ebro, a large reservoir which is home to a huge variety of birds.  The Molino del Canto is located right alongside the Ebro, in one of its most beautiful settings.

More than 300 species of birds have been recorded in the province of Burgos, some of them truly rare.   In addition, exceptional birdwatching sites exist in neighbouring provinces, making it worth combining time in Burgos with a trip to Santoña in Cantabria, Salburua in Álava or La Nava in Palencia.

We hope this outline has whetted your appetite.  If stunning landscapes, the wonderful variety of nature and all kinds of beautiful and fascinating birdlife appeal to you, then zoom in on Spain, on Castilla y Léon, on Burgos, into Las Merindades, and down to the Posada Molino del Canto by the river Ebro, for an experience you will never forget.